Sunday, September 30, 2012

Test mike... Test Mike...

Don't really know what to do with my first post. Clueless. Haha! Well, since it's only me, a friend whom I chatted with last night, and my mentor BernieMack Arellano, who knows that I haphazardly set-up a blog, I'd like to welcome myself to the blogging world.

Mike, welcome to the world of blogging!

How did I had interest in blogging? Well, for starters, I love to talk. I love talking to a fault. If you happen to know the song "My Stupid Mouth" by John Mayer, you will have an idea of how I feel at times. I like sharing my two cents worth, but only when solicited. But since this is MY blog, I guess you have to put up with what I post, whether you like it or not...<evil grin> Oh, wait... Anti-Cyber Crime Law? Shoot...

My love for photography also nudged my to set-up a blog of my own. I really like shooting pictures, even when I didn't actually have a camera of my own. I remembered borrowing a camera from a friend for a visita iglesia trip (thanks Ate Lab!), taking some shots at them churches, and since then I realized that I'll venture to one of the most expensive hobbies a man will ever have (heck, you can actually buy a second hand car with the prices of some lenses!). Here's one of my most fave shot was with the Taal Basilica facade, circa 2009:

Basilica de San Martin de Tours (Taal, Batangas)

Digicams (P&S) was the in thing then, and I don't know what aperture, shutter speed, and ISO was back then. I let the cam do the thinking for me. Until I got hold of a DSLR. And *poof!* There goes my 48,000 bucks! April 17, 2011. My baby, BungBong, was born...

My Canon EOS 550d, a.k.a. BungBong

Traveling, another expensive activity that humans invented, is another thing that I really wanted to do. Being a tourism graduate gives me enough reason to practice what I preach. Or learned in this case. And seeing the likes of Estan Cabigas, journeyingjames, and Berniemack Arellano, even the most forlorn creature would really get off their feet and start traveling the Philippines. C'mon, even traveling thru traffic is more fun in the Philippines! Plus, you learn a lot when you're travelling. Lessons that you won't learn while browsing the net, burning your a** off looking at places you would like to visit, activities you would like to get into, history and heritage and culture that you would like to discover and rediscover.

I really don't have a specific or clear-cut idea of how my blog should look like, or what it should contain. But I guess that's the beauty of a blog. Just tell your story. And I'm starting to tell mine. 

But I would like to make this a fusion of Funny Komiks and Lonely Planet! =)


  1. nice. keep this up and schedule a post every now and then.

    we can add some advertisements on your blog :)

    1. Thanks Papa Pepi! I'm planning to post at least one entry each week. Imma add Kampeon ng Pag-Ibig sa blogroll, haha! Thanks uli for viewing!