Monday, October 22, 2012

Pune's Divisoria, M.G. Road

After feeling down not celebrating Christmas and New Year in the Philippines, I got perked up when my friend, my training assistant, and I decided to go to a place near where we could buy authentic Indian and Maharashtran stuff, good pasalubong location. Come afternoon, we find ourselves riding a rickshaw speeding towards M.G. Road.

Let's go, sago!

My training assistant met us up at SGS Mall, together with his friend. After some introductions, off we go to the heart of M.G.

Yes, they also have parol here at M.G.!

Much like Divisoria, stores abound M.G.; from shoes to Pathani , local and imported, from the cheapest to the most expensive brands. Even Blackberry and Samsung Note phones are being peddled in the sidewalk!

Aurora Towers, M.G. Road's landmark

First we went to Fashion Street. If you like tiangge or ukay, you'll enjoy this place. However, we were warned about the quality of the products sold here. Di nila alam, Pinoys know this very well. <evil grin>

Not finding a perfect pasalubong, we decided to walk further. Boom! We found the treasure:

A shop that sells local slippers.Yes! I bought four pairs for just 1,300 rupees. That's with some tawad made by our friends.

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