Monday, October 8, 2012

Sundo Sa T2: The NAIA Terminal 2 Experience

I wasn't expecting anything this weekend. I turned down my officemate's invitation to come to our company's family day, since I think this is just a hassle for my family <considering the difficulty of commuting in the metro, and we have a kid with us>. But I was in for a treat: a friend from Japan will be flying in on Sunday, so we'll meet her at the NAIA Terminal 2 while she waits for her connecting flight to Davao. It was quite a while since I last seen T2, and I'd love to see how it looks like now.

Manong, Terminal 2 lang po...

Sunday, 1 PM, we got on a bus from 6-11 to get to T2. It's just a 5-minute ride, and just a few secs after we paid, we have to get off. (sayang, sarap pa naman ng air-con!). 

Dubai? Middle East? Nope, our very own Terminal 1 and 2 junction.

We walked a few steps, and saw the air traffic control tower greeting us:

Welcome to the Philippines all PAL passengers!

We walked towards the international passenger's arrival area. Not hard to find since the airport posts directions as to where the arrival and departure areas are, both for international and domestic flights.

Andyan na ba sina Anne Curtis at Piolo Pascual?

Finally, we saw our susunduin, and she requested (actually, insisted!) that we eat at Jolibee. Surprisingly, I was also craving for any Jolibee meal when I came back to Manila from India! I guess iba talaga ang lasang Pinoy! I was happy of Jolibee's service crew; enthusiastic, very courteous. Prices are a bit more expensive than the regular <Php47 for a Regular Yum with Cheese>, but hey, I guess it's better than a Php40 siopao! Whew!

Anak ng siopao... Mahal!

It's time for our friend's flight to Davao, so we accompanied her to the domestic passenger's departure area. A few more photo ops, then we're out.

Terminal 2's Domestic Flight Arrival Area

I can't help but to compare terminals 1, 2, and 3, and compare all of them to other airports that I've been (Kuala Lumpur Int'l and Mumbai Int'l airports). I'm wondering what happened to, and what's happening with T1. It's the first point of contact of most of our visitors (local and foreign), and personally, it doesn't give a great (not even good!) impression of our country. Though to tell you the truth, it looks like Mumbai's. But the latter have been improving theirs, while we "make do with what we have". 

Anak, kaway ka kay nanay, ha?

What I think our saving grace is our warmth and hospitality. Cliché, I know. But basing on my latest travel experience, you'll yearn for that "Filipino hospitality". Yes, other nationalities are really accommodating as well, but I didn't feel that unique warmth Filipinos are world-famous for.

Sino ang mas dakila? Ang naghihintay, o ang hinihintay?

From sunduan to disappointment to Pinoy pride, I'm still happy with what I saw at T2. Well-kept gardens, visible and very useful directions, clean and secured waiting areas, and quite accessible too! I just wish the next time I travel, I'll be proud to say "Airports. More Fun in the Philippines!"

On the way to T2, I saw Nayong Pilipino and the Philippine Village Hotel. What happened to these national landmarks? New blog topic for me no? =)

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