Saturday, March 23, 2013

The Unassumingly Elaborate Macalelon Church

Neatly tucked inside the town of Macalelon is the Immaculate Conception Church. Quaint, but packed with a lot of carvings and bas reliefs, particularly the facade. A definite feast for the eyes.

Immaculate Conception Parish Church. Note the angel-like figures with wings in the second tier, and the wave swirls decorating the main portal. Scroll projections also adorn the pediment.
No one can expect such beauty and ornateness in a very small and laidback town. Not very famous for history or culture, it was quite a surprise. Coral stone blocks make up this edifice which was erected 1854. Flanked by two small belfry (which I think are just reconstructed), it projects quaint but grand appeal.

Twin belfries seems like a reconstruction. Tasteful reconstruction, if that's the case.

No traces of antiquity in the interior, though. Somewhat modest, only the usual main altar niches with icons of saints, stained glass, and it's white with wood detail ceiling can be seen inside. The walls are thick, but only for a few feet, which is then extended with a cement add-on. Perhaps the original high thick walls collapsed after an earthquake before, leaving a very low ruins.

Nevertheless, the church is still a sight to see, and definitely a very unique one; far different from any other church in Quezon. Good to note that a flight of stairs precedes the church, so if you're looking for a place to do Visita Iglesia and penitecia, this is just perfect.

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